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Personalised nutrition unique to you

What is Nutrigenomics?

We all have different genetic variances - I like to think of these like our own personal 'typo's'.  

Our typo's have a HUGE impact on our health due to their influence over thousands of functions our bodies carry out daily.

Nutrigenomics is the study of these genetic variances and crucially, how we can influence their impact on our health using diet and lifestyle interventions.

If we know more about the genetic cards we've been dealt we have the power to influence how they express themselves in our bodies.  Eating more of particular nutrients and avoiding others can up-regulate or down-regulate the effect of the typo on our health.

Child holding model of DNA

Nutrigenomics tells you....

  • How well do I absorb and use nutrients from the food I eat?

  • How well do I get energy from the food that I eat?

  • What kind of foods suit my genetic make-up best?

  • What variants do I have that influence how I make, use and detoxify hormones?


It can help answer questions like....

  • Why you find it hard to lose weight despite eating the same as your partner

  • Why HRT has worked well for your friend but not for you

  • Why long Covid or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not resolving for you

  • Why you struggle with low mood and anxiety

  • Why your thyroid function is not working well


and many more...

Lifecode GX are the leading provider of Nutrigenomic analysis in the UK and I am a qualified and registered practitioner.  Please see the full list of reports available from Lifecode GX here.


Nutrigenomics analysis can only be undertaken as part of one of my programmes to ensure any results are interpreted alongside a full health history and actions included as part of a well-rounded approach.  Test costs start at just under £200.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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What kind of health challenges can knowing your genetic variants help with?

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